The Printed Shade Cloth Company boasts a wide range of services from initial concept design to installation. Our helpful team is experienced in both small and large scale projects.


With 10+ years in experience combined, one of our Designers are with you from beginning to end. Each sharing the same amount of care and prompt-quality service, we have all mastered executing our clients ideas and bringing them to life. Whether it be creating a logo from scratch that represents your brand or company, to manipulating existing artwork and tailoring it to your specific need, we are at your disposal.


Installation is a tedious and thorough process that takes exceptional attention to detail, care and pride to make sure optimal visual presence is being displayed. Our installers hit every nail on the head when it comes to the various types of installs that occur within our range of products. We are experts in properly installing every type of sign or MESH BANNER and ensuring they are tightened a the perfect tension to be displayed over time.