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Print Specifications

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  1. Supply any logos or related assets as vector files – PDF, EPS or AI formats.
  2. All images supplied must be a high resolution file at 300dpi, to ensure no noise or pixilation during print.
  3. All fonts and text must be outlined.

Download PDF

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  1. Create artwork in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.
  2. Set artwork dimensions to 1/10 scale (10m = 1m)
  3. No bleed or trim marks
  4. All colours to be set to CMYK (RGB or spot colours are no accepted. We run 4 colour process printers)
  5. All images should be embedded into artwork as CYMK TIF files at a minimum of 300dpi and maximum of 450dpi.
  6. All text and fonts are to be converted into paths or outlined
  7. All vector logos are to be pasted into artwork. JPEG logo files are not accepted.
  8. Avoid using complex or multiple effects on text or graphics. If effects are used, ‘flatten layers’ before saving the PDF.
  9. All artwork should be saved and supplied as an editable PDF at a minimum of 300dpi if images are included, ensure all text is converted to outlines.

Download PDF

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